Product Features

  • Quick Scan for PVR* measurement
  • Portable Device
  • Continuous / Bladder diary function

*post-void residual


GMDN Bladder Volume Ultrasound System
Product Name Lilium α-200E
Accuracy ±(15% +20mL)
Power Two AA Batteries
Main Body + Ultrasonic Probe
Classification Class II (US)/Class IIa (CE Marking)
Weight 150g (Batteries excluded)
Dimension Main Body: 120(H) × 68(W) × 27(D)mm
510 (k)
approval No.
K 170046
CE Marking
Certificate No.
CE 663719
1) Bladder Volume Measurement Mode:Measuring the bladder volume after placing the probe on the proper position
2) Continuous Measurement Mode:Recognizing storage and post-void condition by the continuous measurement of urination volume
3) Voiding Alert Mode:Notifying the timing when it reaches the pre-set bladder volume to a patient
4) Continuous Measurement Data Transfer:Transferring the continuous measurement data stored in the device to a general purpose PC via wireless communication
To assume the urination volume in the bladder by the ultrasonic (A-mode) emitted from the ultrasonic probe by using index values relevant to the distance between front and back wall of bladder

*the product has been certified by notified Body as a medical device.