Lilium® α-200

Innovative Medical Care To Measure Urine Volume in the Bladder Lilium® α-200, A Continuous Urine Volume Sensor


Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory and Lilium Otsuka sign Japanese-market sales partnership agreement for the medical device “Lilium® α-200”[PDF]

Lilium® α-200 is a medical device which measures the urinary volume inside the bladder using ultrasound. It aids healthcare professionals, patients and caretakers in providing proper continence care for those with urination difficulties.

Periodic Measurement Lilium® α-200 will measure urine volume in the bladder periodically and display the data graphically.  It will notify by sound and vibration when the measurement reaches a pre-set target volume.

Residual Urine Measurement Lilium® α-200 will measure the current volume of urine inside the patient's bladder and display the result on the device screen. Insurance Diagnosis Fee Classification D216-2 (PVR Measurement)

  • For patients using urinary catheters

    By indicating the proper timing for CIC (Clean Intermittent Self-Catheterization) and urination, Lilium® α-200 supports patients using CIC who previously lost the urge to urinate.

  • For patients using indwelling bladder catheters

    By evaluating bladder function after removal of indwelling bladder catheters in patient with postoperative-intra pelvic-surgery, Lilium® α-200 can provide suggest an appropriate timing of urination.

  • For evaluating bladder function

    Lilium® α-200 can be used as a bladder function evaluation tool for patients such as those using diapers or with indwelling catheters. Self-awareness of residual urine volume may help patients to retrain after loss of urination urge.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Visualize Urine

    Urine volume is displayed in figures and graphs.

  • Alarm Mode

    Notifies with sound and vibration when the
    measurement reaches a
    pre-set target volume.

  • Mobile

    Pocket-sized, light-weight
    and easy to hold.

  • Bladder Diary

    Keeps records of time, volume, post-void residual and level of urge.

  • Printer

    Prints out measurement results easily by connecting with the dedicated printer via Bluetooth wireless.

  • Accessories

    Comes with useful clips, carrying pouch and more.

Visualize urinary volume with non-invasive monitoring, Bringing innovation to medical care.


  • 2015.11.02

    We launched “Lilium® α-200" in the Japanese market.

  • 2015.10.19

    We held a press conference.

  • 2015.09.25

    Our first product “Lilium® α-200" to be launched in the Japanese market.[PDF]

  • 2015.08.25

    "Lilium® α-200" certified as a medical device by notified body of BSI. (British Standards Institution)

  • 2015.07.18

    We have achieved ISO13485 certification.

  • 2015.07.15

    Permission as a Second Class Medical Equipment Marketing Authorization Holders.

  • 2015.06.02

    We have been registered as a manufacturer of medical devices.

  • 2015.04.28

    We have signed a licensing agreement contract with the AIST on patent implementation.[PDF]